ClassDojo Raises $21 Million and Aims to Revolutionize Parent-Teacher Communication via App

ClassDojo was honored for an app that provides educators and parents a platform to communicate.The 2016-innovation by design awards awarded Class Dojo the leading company in innovative designs. ClassDojo aims at facilitating consistent interaction between parents and teachers regarding the student’s development and social behaviors and activities while at school.

A lot of student related activities can take place in a semester. ClassDojo will ensure that a parent is kept up to date with matters regarding their kids. Communication through the app will be continuous and will take place yearly and even throughout the day. It will enable real-time communication between parents and teachers.

Teachers will be able to relay information about their students to parents frequently, and thus the parent will keep track of the child’s behavior and not be surprised or caught off guard by incidents or issues that only discussed in the parent-teacher meetings that take place once a semester.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the co-founders of ClassDojo claim that the company closed the round late in 2015 and are using the capital to grow and enhance their team. They added that they were planning to add content and features in Class Dojo that can be useful to parents not only during school days but also during holidays.

According to Chaudhary, the app could help parents guide conversations at home to support the learning and development of their kids. On the teacher’s side, the ClassDojo would assist in making scheduled activities both curricular and non-curricular known to parents. Teachers would also use the app to send photos and videos of the student’s activities to the parents.

About ClassDojo

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo back in 2011. It serves as a communication platform that is used by millions of teachers, students, and parents. It enables connection and empowerment to cultivate positive behavior like persistence and teamwork among students. Improving positive behavior among students will save a significant amount of class time that would otherwise be spent addressing discipline.

ClassDojo is a startup and has only 25 employees. The founders claim that it is yet to generate revenue but are now focusing their efforts to distribute it to more schools, teachers, and parents. According to the company reports, educators and parents in over 85000 schools in the United States actively use ClassDojo. ClassDojo is used by schools ranging from the largest public schools to private and charter schools.