3 of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Texas

With over 70% of girls admitting to having low self-esteem. plastic surgery procedures are significantly increasing. Face-lifts, breast augmentations, and liposuction have went from being taboo to ordinary. Due to increased interest in this field, finding a reliable and qualified doctor is imperative. To make life just a wee bit easier, below are a list of prestigious professional plastic surgeons in the state of Texas.

Rod J. Rohrich

Graduating with honors from Baylor University College of Medicine, Dr. Rohrich is certainly one of the top plastic surgeons in Texas. Not only is Dr. Rohrich an internationally known surgeon, he is also Professor and founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rohnich has been included as one of the Best Doctors in Dallas in the year 2000. He is also been included as one of the Best Doctors in America since the year of 1996.

Robert P. Schmid
Dr. Schmid is certainly a renowned plastic surgeon. He has been board certified in plastic surgery since 2003 and he was elected into the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2007. Dr. Schmid has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures since becoming a plastic surgeon. Some of which include cancer surgery, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and tummy-tucks. Dr. Schmid specializes in breast cancer reconstruction and is even active in Komen Race for the Cure and the American Cancer Society.
Jennifer L. Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the only females to have ever been apart of the board of directors on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She trained with the best surgeons in the Manhattan area and now she’s back in Austin, Texas to do the same. Since 2014, Dr. Walden has been recognized as a Texas Super Doctor. “Super” is clearly the word to characterize Dr. Walden. From her warm and caring heart to her immense success, Dr. Walden is undeniably one of the best plastic surgeons in Texas.

What makes Dr. Walden so special is not only her work, but her work ethic. This doctor and her team are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of patient safety and care. She takes serious interest in women health issues due as they relate to self-empowerment. It’s no surprise that Dr. Walden dedicates a portion of her time to volunteer for the undeserved and less fortunate. Beauty has more to do with what’s on the outside, it has to do with what’s on the inside as well. Dr. Walden is surely a doctor to see to enhance anyone’s natural beauty.

Above are 3 well known plastic surgeons in the Texas area. These plastic surgeons are more than qualified to make their clients happy from the inside out. Visit Dr. Walden’s website for the latest news and appointments.