Correctional Facilities are Enjoying Automated Digital Processes Courtesy of Securus’ ConnectUs Application

Securus Technologies has confirmed its willingness to save clients time and money by incorporating Grievance claim and Inmate Forms on the innovative ConnectUs application. The launch of this application is part of our mission to avail latest and efficient technologies to our clients. Inmates can access different types of forms easily and on time.

Corrections agencies use paper forms for numerous prisoner requests ranging from grievance, sign up forms, to handbook acceptance forms. Therefore, correctional officers take a lot of time to distribute, collect, route, log, file, and store forms. With ConnectUs, custom forms for varied requests can be created with ease and availed to the inmates. It only takes prisoners a few minutes to change a form. Inmates enjoy self-services access to various forms and ability to check up the status of grievances. In case they are unsatisfied with the outcome of their grievance claims, they can appeal them.

The ConnectUs application can closely monitor what is available to detainees and when. Therefore, correctional facilities have power over the content that incarcerated person can access. Additionally, correctional officers can communicate with inmates via digital inmate bulletin platform.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies offers solutions to problems that corrections facilities and inmates encounter. Over 2,600 corrections agencies and over one million incarcerated persons have benefited and continue to benefit from our services. Our main purpose is to make corrections facility safer and allow inmates to stay in constant contact with their friends and families. Our technology products have made it possible for corrections facilities to reduce structural costs while promoting operational excellence.

We offer emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis tools, monitoring products, management of information, and inmate phone services. In 2015, we acquired JPay Inc., a reliable technology firm that introduced unique apps ranging from electronic payments, educational, email, and entertainment. The acquisition has made us one of the fastest growing technology companies in the corrections industry.