Keith Mann Breaks All the Right Rules for the Right Reason

The saying that rules are meant to be broken is never truer than when doing so helps those in need. In the case of experienced pilot, Keith Mann, breaking all rules recently meant helping to reunite pets with their owners amidst wild fires in Fort McMurray.

After more than 80,000 residents were forced to evacuate from the city, many were separated from their beloved four-legged friends. Knowing how important the love of a pet can be during such chaotic times, Keith Mann made the call to forgo Suncor Energy’s policies regarding pets and travel in favor of allowing multitudes of animals onto the flight. Specifically, Suncor Energy’s rules require minimal animals on a flight and those that are must be secured in a kennel.

As Keith allowed numerous animals to board, passengers and crew alike began making accommodations in order to make sure that everyone was comfortable and safe. Large dogs slept in the isles and rows of seats, smaller animals rested in bags and on laps, and those that couldn’t quite behave were even locked in the bathroom. All animals were safely cared for as the flight evacuated everyone aboard from the dangers of the encroaching wildfires.

Of course, Mann’s quick and efficient decision making didn’t go unnoticed. As those aboard the flight took notice, some began to photograph and post pictures of the animals on the flight to social media. It wasn’t long before a tweet from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pictou County showing two dogs asleep on the flight gathered 51 likes and 31 retweets.

But for Mann, it’s not about recognition or going viral. Breaking such strict rules regarding animals and travel is something that Keith Mann honestly never thought he’d see himself doing, but when it came down to it, the most important thing to consider was the safety of Fort McMurray’s residents and their furry friends and providing some much needed relief to those who need it.

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