Better Service at White Shark Media Through Complaint Resolution

White Shark Media knows that satisfying every customer may not be possible, but not responding to their complaints can be detrimental to company growth. Conflict resolution is a learning process for every successful company.

The wise manager realizes that compliments are nice, but complaints are what helps your company grow if investigated fully and resolved. That may seem obvious to some, but other companies try to sweep problems under the carpet. Eventually, someone will trip over that bump in the carpet and your flimsily built house of cards will come tumbling down.

However, it’s like Will McAvoy said in “The Newsroom”, “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.”

Over the last few years, White Shark Media has received, recognized, and resolved many complaints along with the compliments they have received. The following is a partial list and the steps taken to ensure these particular problems will not reoccur. Read more:

Will there be other complaints? As sure as the sun will shine, but those too will hopefully be recognized and resolved so that we can continue to grow.

Complaint: Customers complained that once they were brought onboard and their campaign was set up, they never were able to speak to the person that seemed to understand their needs best again.

Resolution: White Shark Media consultants said they saw this all the time at other companies and vowed not to let it happen to them. A smooth-talking salesperson would bring a client on board, get them setup, and disappear. White Shark now allows that Senior Consultant to stay with his or her client throughout the life cycle. The Senior Consultant will no longer be the primary contact, but will remain an active participant in the process.

Complaint: Customers did not like their campaigns being set up on White Shark accounts.

Resolution: In 2012, this process was adapted to ensure new campaigns were started from scratch as much as possible. This process was counterproductive for clients who had a successful campaign already, so they now allow clients to continue working with their account when practical.

Complaint: Customers were unsure of how to track their AdWords campaign performance.

Resolution: White Shark Media realize that being able to track your campaigns performance was paramount to success. They adopted an internal procedure of conversion and call tracking, and often adding Google Analytics free of charge to improve tracking and thus performance.

What’s Next?

The hole in the side of the boat cannot be fixed by constant bailing, common sense would tell you to plug the hole. White Shark Media intends to consistently monitor customer service compliments and complaints to ensure problems are recognized and resolved through diligent application of common sense methods.