The Role of Anthony Petrello in Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer serving at the Narbors Industries. He has a huge occupational background. Prior to joining Narbors Industries, Anthony worked at the Baker & McKenzie which is a popular law firm. While serving at this firm, Anthony was responsible for resolving settlement disputes that normally involves international parties. Due to his hard work and determination, he was given a promotion to serve as the law firm’s Managing Partner. Anthony serves at this position until 1991 when he tendered his resignation. In the same year, Anthony went to work for Nabors Industry and was appointed to serve on the executive committee after a short while. He was also appointed to be part of the company’s board of directors.

While still serving as a board member at the Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has managed to hold a number of different positions. The main obligation of Anthony Petrello is to develop strategic concepts that can be used to help with the company’s growth in a more dynamic way. Apart from his position and duties at the Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello also serves as the director of the Steward & Stevenson LLC. He is also involved in the company’s executive committee. Anthony is also involved with the Hilcorp Energy Company where he is the leader of all of its operations. Anthony Petrello has an extensive educational background which he attributes to part of his success. He is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Law School where he acquired his JD Degree. Anthony Petrello also went to Yale University where he managed to earn his Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics.

Anthony Petrello is actively involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital where he serves in its board of trustee. He is dedicated to support the welfare of children, particularly those who have neurological disorders. Popularly referred by his nickname which is Tony, Anthony Petrello has for several years been an integral part of the Nabors Industries. He is responsible for ensuring that the strategic plans of company are implemented. Anthony Petrello has the ability to come up skillful strategies that are geared towards raising the revenue of the company and ensuring its success. Since 2012, Nabors Industries has managed to expand its revenue and this is all tanks to the outstanding management and leaderships skills of Anthony Petrello. Anthony hopes to continue growing Nabors Industries and make it a globally recognized company.

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