Makari Lets You Reveal Your True Radiant Beauty

Makari de Suisse is one of the most luxurious skin care lines on the market for women of color. Their skin whitening cream products yield results for users that are simply incomparable. For ten years this brand has been providing multicultural women with the answer to all of their skin woes, with the biggest being hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Darker skin makes acne scarring, age spots, and other discolorations of the skin stand out more. This can make anyone feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Makari has put quality ingredients into each product so that women who use their products can feel confident in their skin again and reveal their true radiant beauty. Take for instance the Caviar Face Lightening Cream. It helps to remove the appearance of melasma, dark spots, and discoloration. It is also an effective moisturizer for severely dry skin. The Caviar Face Lightening Cream is just one of the many products from Makari that is not only effective in helping to remove discolorations, but it also has another purpose. The full line is filled with botanical ingredients that can help make you feel beautiful again.



Wen by Chaz: Why Wait?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wait for things. It is not that I’m impatient. It is just that when I want something and when I have my heart set on something, I want it as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. What if I told you there is a hair care product out there that only takes seven days to see extreme results? You might think I was full of baloney or making it up. I’m not, however, and it is the truth. That product is Wen hair by Chaz, an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

If you need further proof, look no further than an excellent blog by blogger Emily McClure of This article can be found right here: Throughout seven days, she takes you inside the Total Beauty product and provides photos of the results, each and every day. You also get her thoughts on the product and the changes and impact it made over those seven days. By day seven, she was shocked and amazed by the changes it made to her hair. Again, it only takes seven days to see results in your hair. She has fine hair, but the beauty of this product is that it works on any type of hair.

They have specific products available on Sephora for specific types of hair, so no matter what you are looking for or in the market for, chances are that they have it and you will walk away happy and satisfied with the product. I know Emily McClure did. Just look at her smile and read her blog and you will see one happy person. She is known as a fashion and beauty expert, so you know that when she stands behind something, it is for real and it truly means something.

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Makari Skincare and Beauty Infused with Natural Ingredients and Caviar

Makari is a company whose goal it is to be all about the skin and beauty needs of women and men of color. Makari sells products that help to reduce skin unevenness and acne scars, which are a problem for many people of color. Makari sells natural-based skincare, hair care, fragrance and makeup beauty products. They don’t use the chemical hydroquinone in their products at all. With a mixture of plant ingredients and of caviar ingredients they create luxurious, helpful and nature-based products.

Makari is the leading company for skin whitening creams, because they take a more natural approach to their skincare ingredients. All of the skincare from Makari helps to improve skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation. However a few of their products have higher lightening abilities. The Makari natural skin lightening cream is one of the more poignant lightening products they sell. The product is mostly natural ingredients to lighten skin and it contains shea butter. The shea butter helps to moisturize the skin. The product is not immediate. It gradually lightens the skin, but the end results over time are noticeable.

The products Makari carries that has a lightening properties are not only made up of lightening creams. They also sell lightening serums, body washes, soaps and toners. Makari also sells kits of products that have lightening and discoloration properties. Clients then have a whole skin care regimen to help them get their skin even or lightened.

One of the top selling products from Makari is the Clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap. It’s used to both clean and brighten the skin. The product is also really reasonably priced at thirteen dollars and ninety-nine cents. If you are interested in trying a Makari product and want brightening improvements, this would be a perfect product to try first before exploring the many other products from Makari.

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