Daring to Be Bold: The Lime Crime Way

Lime Crime, a makeup company launched by Russian born New York native Doe Deere in 2008, brings a uniquely bold style to today’s cosmetics market for both women and men. Deere’s vision for her innovative product line came into being when the young entrepreneur could not find any makeup that was bright and bold enough to equal the dynamic coloring of the clothing that she was creating and selling through Ebay during that time in her burgeoning career. Lime Crime began as the name for the Ebay store which helped to launch her makeup revolution, but Deere states that her company’s name was simply a silly handle that she picked based on her fondness for the bright green color and the fact the the two words rhymed. Although she had no idea what her company would later become, the name has now become synonymous with “color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines.”  Their Instagram feed over at @limecrimemakeup really exemplifies this.

This means that her eye-catching brand of cosmetics gives her customers, known as “Unicorns,” freedom to be their true selves while providing vegan based, cruelty-free products. The line’s cosmetics have been cruelty-free since the brand’s launch in 2008 with many of the products also being vegan friendly. In 2012 the company went even farther an reformulated its remaining products to meet vegan standards. The lipsticks in question use a smooth velvety formula with pigment rich colors that feature a low-sheen finish that enables them to be worn alone or accented with a clear gloss.  Check out what the Velvetines can offer you on Amazon.com, or see if there’s an Urban Outfitters location near you.