Solving Math Becomes Easier With Solvy

Does your child not bode well with the idea of doing math and shies away from it?

Is Math a difficult subject for your kid in school?

Does your kid not respond to any form of teaching the subject?

If your answer is a yes to all the above questions then welcome aboard. You are just one of the many parents who is suffering from the same dilemma of teaching their kid the basic skills of math. This article will tell you about a program that has been customized for teaching your kid the subject in a conventional manner.

Solvy, a unique adaptive learning program is the answer to the problem. Solvy involves teaching mathematics to students by providing them a menu of relevant subjects and tracking their progress while they are solving them.

It is a user-friendly interface designed for kids as well as teachers where kids have the option to learn by themselves, through their teacher or their classmates. This platform enables teacher and students to have an out of the bounds teaching and learning experience.

The online system is a go-getting collaborative tool wherein several students can work and collaborate on a project together. Solvy has been made as such that students do not have problems inputting complicated math formulas on the computer. Teachers can put up assignments and various exercises for students to complete based on their interests and needs and evaluate them accordingly.

Teachers can assign specific assignments for students to complete and students can keep a track of the same via a virtual calendar and get notifications about any upcoming deadlines related to it. These assignments can be submitted online by the students. There is also an active forum for teachers and students to interact.

About the founder

Alexei Beltyukov is the founder and CEO of Solvy. Alexei Beltyukov is a philanthropist and a Russian entrepreneur involved with many businesses and start-ups. He formed Endemic Capital with an aim to provide funding to many Russian start-up companies and is currently its managing partner.

 Alexei started his career in medicine and later switched his gears towards doing business with which he pursued an MBA. After doing his MBA, he became proactive in doing business and was instrumental in the founding of many business ventures like New gas technologies, A-Ventures and Mechanicus.

Beltyukov is also a committed philanthropist devoting his time in several organizations and also collaborating with the Russian government through his Skolkovo Foundation to providing grants and opportunities for tech start-ups in Russia.