Life Line Screening Partners with Bone Index, Ltd

Life Line Screening has partnered with Europe’s premier medical device manufacturer, Bone Index, Ltd., to offer a convenient way for American patients to stay on top of osteoporosis screenings by bringing to market Bindex®, a bone density detection device. Adding this new tool to preventive care and wellness screenings will combat the continuing problem of undiagnosed osteoporosis throughout the world.

Osteoporosis is the cause of millions of broken bones each year in the U.S. that costs the health care system nearly $20 billion, a figure that analysts assume will grow over the next decade. The greatest obstacle in detecting osteoporosis is being able to diagnosis bone loss without the use of X-ray machines, which requires a hospital visit. Bindex®, by comparison, is far more convenient because it is a hand-held device that can be used to screen a patient’s bone density in a doctor’s office. The Bindex® device checks the thickness of both cortical and tibia bones to calculate bone density index, which is an estimate of the bone density in a person’s hip.

Life Line Screening services patients in the United States with more than fifteen thousand screenings that encompass ultrasound tests for vascular and bone diseases. Bringing Bindex® into their practice will make the detection of osteoporosis much easier than it has been in the past and make Life Line Screening one of the better ways for patients to get a simple and safe test that doesn’t involve X-ray exposure.

Life Line Screening was formed in 1993 and has since screened close to eight million patients, and today screens a million people each year. Life Line’s mission is to raise awareness about health problems before they become serious. Their screenings are designed by physicians and use up-to-date medical technology to make them convenient and informative. The organization also funds a K23 Award, which is a research grant offered by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute as well as the American Vascular Association to further careers in vascular research. Life Line Screening has expanded its screenings to events in the United Kingdom and Australia in recent years.

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