How George Soros Philanthropy Have Changed the Lives of many People

George Soros is the most famous Hedge Fund Manager from across the whole globe and has been on the frontline pursuing for better governance. He also happens to be the 19th richest man across the whole globe and has been able to give out part of his wealth to so many people. His desire to achieve in life have become so overwhelming and he has always worked for progress and development of the company. She happens to have been from a very humble background and he was able to learn a lot. Whatever he witnessed in life has made him the person he has becoming and has been a great giver across the whole globe.

George Soros was born and raised in Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary back in 1930. He is over 80 years and still making a lot of profits from his trading. He was born at a period in life when his mother country was facing a lot of instability issues. The country became so uncomfortable when Nazi Germany invaded the country and that was the beginning of a great massacre in the country. Soros’ father, Tivadar was a renowned lawyer and had experience in the field for many years. In fact he had been arrested before and during the world war one and had been jailed in Russia. Later he ran away from his country so that he could find time for his family in Budapest. During those times, Jewish children started being stopped from attending schools and used to be told to report to Jewish council. His father moved with speed to ensure that they got a chance to go back to school. That was through changing the family name from Jewish to Christianity and he got a chance to go back to school.

In 1944 and 1945, Budapest pest siege became so serious and they used to attack everyone affiliated to Jewish beliefs. His father had been on the frontline using legal experience towards defending his family. He had committed his life for the success of his family and have been on the frontline working for success. Over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed but Tivadar played a very big role towards saving as many people as possible. He was always passionate towards helping many people and has been in the mission of making sure that whatever he witnessed at his early age is never repeated.

George Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundations and has been on the frontline working for success. He has to date given out more than $32 billion for the years he has been in the field of philanthropy. Majority of the investment has gone towards helping people who are oftently discriminated for who they are. He has also ensured that he helps activist in both civil and human activities are fought for. He also helped fight for accountable governments and ask the freedom of expression amongst the minority across the world. His mission in life has been to help as many people as possible in life.

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Life Line Screening Partners with Bone Index, Ltd

Life Line Screening has partnered with Europe’s premier medical device manufacturer, Bone Index, Ltd., to offer a convenient way for American patients to stay on top of osteoporosis screenings by bringing to market Bindex®, a bone density detection device. Adding this new tool to preventive care and wellness screenings will combat the continuing problem of undiagnosed osteoporosis throughout the world.

Osteoporosis is the cause of millions of broken bones each year in the U.S. that costs the health care system nearly $20 billion, a figure that analysts assume will grow over the next decade. The greatest obstacle in detecting osteoporosis is being able to diagnosis bone loss without the use of X-ray machines, which requires a hospital visit. Bindex®, by comparison, is far more convenient because it is a hand-held device that can be used to screen a patient’s bone density in a doctor’s office. The Bindex® device checks the thickness of both cortical and tibia bones to calculate bone density index, which is an estimate of the bone density in a person’s hip.

Life Line Screening services patients in the United States with more than fifteen thousand screenings that encompass ultrasound tests for vascular and bone diseases. Bringing Bindex® into their practice will make the detection of osteoporosis much easier than it has been in the past and make Life Line Screening one of the better ways for patients to get a simple and safe test that doesn’t involve X-ray exposure.

Life Line Screening was formed in 1993 and has since screened close to eight million patients, and today screens a million people each year. Life Line’s mission is to raise awareness about health problems before they become serious. Their screenings are designed by physicians and use up-to-date medical technology to make them convenient and informative. The organization also funds a K23 Award, which is a research grant offered by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute as well as the American Vascular Association to further careers in vascular research. Life Line Screening has expanded its screenings to events in the United Kingdom and Australia in recent years.

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The Right Attitude Sells is what Market America International Convention 2017 is all about

This year’s Market America International Convention 2017 (Market America International Convention 2017), marked its 25th anniversary from the 10th of August to the 13th of August 2017 in Greensboro, North Carolina. It attracted over 20,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world and a few celebrities who including Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, and Scottie Pippen, Grammy award-winning music producer Swizz Beats, Fat Joe, Esther Houston and La La Anthony among others.

The Market America International Convention is always a pleasure to attend. Many entrepreneurs come together to display Market America products which include new technologies, new ways to make your money grow, new products in the market and new business initiatives among other things.

Among the most notable highlights of the Market America International Convention 2017 event, were speeches from the CEO, founder, and chairman of Market America Unfranchise JR Ridinger and other notable top entrepreneurs from across the states. Ridinger in his motivating speech said that the Market America Unfranchise was helping members leverage on their purchasing power to create their own economy. He said that the convention offered members an opportunity to showcase Market America products to potential clients.

Jr Ridinger went on to talk about how being adherent to any task you choose to take on leads to better income results. In his speeches, he used symbols and metaphors to put his points across. Other notable speakers were Loren Ridinger, Jr Rindinger’s wife, who welcomed the audience with an inspirational speech of self-love, self-appreciation, and empowerment. Then there was marc Ashley of mark president and co-owner of, Steve Ashley of, amber Ridinger-McLaughlin among others. Jamie Foxx, the academy award winner, wowed the audience with a musical classic that took well over 30 minutes.

Market America Unfranchise Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler believes that the right attitude is all that it takes to translate into a successful business and that is what Market America International Convention 2017 is all about. He said that buying and selling Market America products was one of the surest ways of attaining financial independence.