Desiree Perez is One Amazing Business Woman

Since 2009, Desiree Perez has been able to proudly serve as being ROC Nation’s Chief Operating Officer. Thanks to her being a team member of ROC Nation, she was giving the opportunity to take part in several areas within the business such as publishing, management and labeling operations. One of her biggest business deals, that she was able to help negotiate in, happened to be Rihanna’s Samsung’s deal.

Desiree has proudly been able to be a close associate to Jay Z for almost 20 years now. The two of them together have been able to strike amazing business deals and helped grow Jay-Z’s career more and more. However, Desiree’s career achievements do not stop there though. Throughout working together Desiree has been able to Help Jay Z negotiate through tons of business deals that has helped career grow into what it is today. There, however, is one business deal that is being highly looked at that the two are negotiating their way through at the moment, along with Sir Lucian Grainge.

Jay, along with Desiree, both took part in meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge, who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer and chairman for Universal Music Group, to try to negotiate a deal about UMG trying to buy a stake in ROC Nation. If Desiree and Jay could land the deal it would make it to where Jay Z would be able to, in the future, land more newer artist. This is one potential business deal that could end up changing both of their careers.

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