Ricardo Tosto is a Leading Legal Professional in Brazil

Legal profession requires a lot of hard work, along with commitment as well as endurance. This is why lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto are admirable as their presence indicates their undying spirit as it faces all the hardships. This explains why lawyers will always be among the highest paid professionals in Brazil. In order to become a lawyer, the law course is to be done. This has a duration of five years. Then the bar exam is to be passed shortly after that. Typically a law graduate will undertake an internship program in a reputed law firm for six months before starting own practice.

The legal system in Brazil came about after the Portuguese colonizers left the country in 1882. This process started through the establishment of legal institutions for the training as well as education of lawyers. Initially, the law schools were established in Sao Paulo. This is why even today; a large number of the lawyers in Brazil are based in this city. This is why there is a significant Portuguese influence on the legal profession in Brazil. Besides, there is a Napoleons, Germans as well as French legal inclination that can be seen too. There is a lot that has been borrowed from the Napoleonic code in the Brazil Civil Code. The career journey of Ricardo Tosto is marked with diligence and focus, besides determination.

He is a reputable lawyer. The credibility of Ricardo Tosto is unquestionable. He is an attorney who leads by example. This is due to his years of experience. His knowledge has allowed him to practice law with diligence.

Ricardo Tosto started his career from a small office. It has grown tremendously and is a huge corporate litigation firm today in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto has always been a dedicated and focused lawyer. He gained legal expertise before starting his own law firm. Today it is one of the well-known and credible law firms in Brazil. It has achieved credibility due to providing legal services with high quality and professionalism. This is why the company has made significant growth as it has increased its clientele base.