NCAA provides mega-action for sharp bettors

When most people think of gambling, they think of the Las Vegas Strip, partying and having a good time. For the vast majority of gamblers, betting is just that, a form of recreation. These players are there primarily to have fun, with the added benefit that every so often they walk out with a lot more money than they walked in with. A very small percentage of these players are under the delusion that they can actually make money gambling. But this small subset of problem gamblers is the rare exception, not the rule.

Not everyone knows that there are also a very small group of players who actually can make money by gambling. This group of players is so small that it’s only a tiny fraction of the number of problem gamblers. But for these few, elite bettors, gambling is not a form of recreation, it’s a job. Professional gamblers treat betting in exactly the same way that investors treat buying stocks. They will only play a game if they expect to make a long term profit.

There are many techniques by which professional gamblers can gain an edge over the house or over other players, but the most consistently used only involve three main activities. The first is playing blackjack. Players will spend years learning the techniques of card counting, shuffle tracking and a few even more esoteric techniques to beat this game. The second way professionals can gain an edge is through poker. Poker is, perhaps, even harder to master than blackjack, but some of the richest figures in gambling got their start as full-time poker professionals.

The third way professional bettors make money is sports. Sports betting is arguably the best means by which to make a living as a gambler because it has the highest earnings ceiling, by far. The richest gamblers in history, people like Billy Walters and Lefty Rosenthal, have been sports bettors. If you are going to bet on sports, the NCAA basketball season is probably the single most lucrative sport there is. This is due to the sheer number of games and amount of money that is bet. For more on NCAA basketball odds, visit


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