Keith Mann: The Police Have A Good Friend In Him

The police are, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the hardest working men and women out there. Each and every day, when they leave the house, they are putting their lives on the line. They have family and friends that care about them deeply and they have to enter into some hostile environments and territories. They know what they have signed up and what is required of them, as they have been trained very well. However, that does not make it any easier. It takes a certain level of mental toughness to get through the day and deal with it all and come home to a normal life.


However, it is completely and totally unfair for them to have come under so much heat from the mainstream media. They have not walked a day in the life of a cop and they don’t know what it takes to be one. They are in their cozy studios and they are not out there battling bad guys and saving lives. That is why Keith Mann has simply had enough of the negative press and is doing something to change it. He treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch two different times. Keith Mann has always been about paying it forward and he is not looking for anything special in return for doing this. He did it because it is simply the right thing to do.


Even though they are mentally tough as I mentioned, they are still human beings and they still have feelings. They are not robots. It must not feel very good to see and hear what people are saying about them because of one or two bad cops. That is not who the entire police force is when it’s all said and done. They should not be punished for what others have done.


Keith Mann knows that during tough times, anyone in life could use a little pick me up and something that lets them know they are appreciated. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, whether they admit it or not, and Keith Mann appreciates the police a great deal.