Women & Hair

Lets just be honest for a second, women just love their hair. This may be of no surprise, but a woman’s hair is her personal weapon of choice. Great looking hair is attractive and sometimes downright sexy. It doesn’t matter the length as long as it’s well groomed and taken cared for. Unfortunately many women do not know how to (properly) take care of their luscious locks. The number one problem generally comes from too much washing. Yes, washing is a great thing to do, but when you do it too much, you’re actually stripping the good natural oils away from your scalp. If you’re washing your follicles more than three times per week then you’re slowly killing your hair. Another important thing that women tend to do is by using too strong of formulas. The scalp is one of the most delicate areas of the body ad if you’re using extra strong or ultra powerful formulas then you could potentially be causing hairloss in the future.

It’s time to step away from those dangerous formulas that are full of toxic sulfates and go for a more natural approach. You may asking yourself how? Well first of all, most natural product lines aren’t created equal as each brand uses their very own specific formula. Many of the natural ingredients can be watered down or not even be present within the product itself. WEN by stylist Chaz Dean is the way to go and it’s quickly becoming the best brand on the market today.

Wen by Chaz is loaded with organic ingredients such as lavender, chamomile extract, aleo vera leaf, sweet almond mint, rosemary extract, pathenol, and many more. These ingredients are backed by research and experience. There are no toxins present and the products can be used by all ethnicities. Ladies if you want the best in total haircare, WEN by Chaz is for you. The products can be ordered online exclusively via Guthy-Renker or the popular Sephora.