The IAP Worldwide Logistic Company

The IAP Worldwide Services is founded in Irmo, SC and is a specialized procurement and logistics company. The company was started as a contract that provides the generators to the military of the United States when it was at war with the Saudi Arabia. This then turned the company into the proud supporter of the US troops during the storm desert operation. The company is now a trusted ally and partner with the United States military. It also continues in winning the contracts for the international procurement as well as for the mobile and temporary power generations. IAP Worldwide provides the emergency disaster relief as well as transportation services.

IAP is the leader in the providence of facility management as we as the global logistics and also the professional, technical and advanced services. The company has more than two thousand employees that are located in more than twenty-five countries in the world.

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For the company engaging with the unexpected has always been their work. They engage from the overseas battlefields as well as the natural disasters. They are also very ready at every moment whether it is day or night with the kind of experience they have, they carry out and coordinate technical challenges and complicated logistics. They also manage and maintain the military operations as well as installations to the small size of a small city as well as civilian activities that are working hand in hand with the remote research facilities that include the laboratories. The IAP Worldwide Services delivers the kind of technology and program management that is very necessary in supporting the workforce of their clients with their flexible needs around the world.

For more than half a decade, the company has continued to build its outstanding reputation that has succeeded them as a reliable and most responsible leader in the market that is in not only meeting the specific expectations of the customers but also building the flexible needs around the world. The main issues that make their customers kept loyal to them are the fact that they are always available at any time for their clients and to provide the solutions to the challenges that their customers face with a lot of accuracy. They adopt the challenges that their customers are facing, they develop a plan and solve the problem with a mission like it is their own and channel the conviction and passion to the inventive solutions and their exceptional results.

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The Norka Luque Buzz is Growing

People can look on social media and find Norka Luque talking about her Tomorrowland song. They can go to Twitter and see her speaking on her hot new single “Ese es Mi Cariño.” She is leading fans to remixes of the singles and behind the scenes footage of the video. Norka Luque knows that her fans are following her on social media, and this is how she is spreading the word. There are more than 26,000 people that are following Norka on Twitter and they are anxious for any new information that she can give. This is the loyalty of her Venezuelan fan base shining through.

Norka has also managed to secure a large number of fans that are interested in her progress as well. Her producer, Emilio Estefan Jr., has done his job and promoted her music in a way that Gloria Estefan would be proud of. There are not a lot of talents out of the heart of Venezuela that are pushing their way through onto American charts. Norka Luque, however, has managed to create a nice fan base of music lovers that are going to support her as she moves up the charts.

Her “Milagro” single has been the thing that allowed her to gain a bevy of fans. Her voice is powerful. She doesn’t waste any time trying to get the crowd on the dance floor when it comes to this single. The beat is infectious, and people cannot help but to get out of their seats when they hear Norka on “Milagro.” This has been her claim to fame, but she is proving that she can become more than a one hit wonder with the additional singles that have surfaced. Her career has flourished because she has picked up the pace and kept working with great producers like Fito Blanko and Archie Pena.

A stellar team of producers have been put in place by Emilio Estefan. He knows the sound that Norka Luque is looking for, and he has hired the best team of producers to give her a great sound that is diverse and befitting of her beautiful voice. That may be the thing that has made the album take longer than many fans have expected. She is taking her time to craft a masterpiece, and she wants everything to be just right. She does not want to disappoint her loyal fans in any way.

Twitter: @norkaluque

Role Played by SEC Whistleblower Advocate in Protection of Whistleblowers on Wall Street

The enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by the United States Congress is one of the effective ways of fighting financial fraud on Wall Street. The adoption of the Act will ensure that the United States doesn’t plunge back into any financial meltdown in the future because of the new onerous regulations and programs established. A number of various stakeholders at the Securities Exchange Program had spent a considerable amount of time and resources building on the program and the drafting of the law. The former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement down at the SEC, Jordan A. Thomas was instrumental in the drafting of this law.

The legislation provides that The Securities Exchange Commission ought to pay whistleblowers between 10 to 30 % of the money collected as a result of financial fraud reported by a whistleblower that exceeds one million dollars. The first pay given to the person doesn’t mean that the SEC cannot further reward the eligible whistleblower for his or her efforts in ensuring strict observance of ethical behavior in the financial sector. To encourage more people to report financial fraud under the Act, a whistleblower may make an anonymous report to the SEC. Anonymous reports are made to help protect employees from being targeted and victimized by their employers.

Labaton Sucharow is the first law practice in the United States to start a practice dealing only with potential whistleblowers on Wall Street. The law firm is comprised of a number of lawyers led by Jordan Thomas who has extensive experience in this area of the law having worked at the Securities Exchange Commission. The team also consists of investors, financial analysts as well as forensic accountants to help in the representation of whistleblowers. The lead attorney, Jordan, advises potential clients to get in touch with the experienced team to get familiar with how the Securities Exchange Commission Whistleblower Program works. The employees can do this by making a call using the number provided on the website or by sending an email to the firm or communicating through the site. The company offers initial free consultation services to whistleblowers interested in joining the whistleblower program. The measures put in place under the Act will give whistleblowers more confidence to come out and report financial fraud cases to sanitize Wall Street of unscrupulous business people.