Keith Mann Awards Young Student Professionals With Scholarship

While Keith Mann respects students who get good grades, graduate from college with a degree, and land a high paying position, he has a special kind of respect for people who demonstrate a mind for business success. There are students who focus on starting their own business to go along with their studies. It shows that they have a passion, and a sense of responsibility about their life. It also shows that they know what they want at the time, and that they are not hesitant to go after it. Therefore, Keith Mann has put together a scholarship to award students. This scholarship is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement

The scholarship will be given out in a contest. Each student that applies for the scholarship is required to write an essay that is 1,000 words in length which talks about how a college degree is going to be helpful towards them pursuing their business goals. One student will be awarded the scholarship so that he could go to college and pursue his field of choice. This is especially helpful for low-income students who would otherwise not have a chance at attending college. Fortunately, this scholarship is one of a few other initiatives that are put in place with the intention of helping students attend and graduate college.

Keith Mann himself is not only an entrepreneur, but also a philanthropist. He understands the value of an education. He wants everyone to have a fair chance at getting the required education in order to go to college. He is also passionate about finding people with strong capabilities for leadership and connecting them to companies that are a good match for them. He is currently working with Uncommon Schools in order to help equip students of low-income circumstances to be able to go to universities.