Helane Morrison: A True Visionary

People like Helane Morrison don’t come along every day, that is for sure. She is someone that truly enjoys hard work, embraces it, and doesn’t shy away from it. She knows she wouldn’t be where she is without her hard work, dedication, and putting her nose to the grindstone. She works for Hall Capital, and what is great about them and something I truly admire is the fact they are entirely run by women. Let’s face it, as it is a harsh reality, there is not enough jobs out there for women. At Hall Capital, everyone gets their day to shine. They are a team.

They know that by working together, they can achieve anything. If someone doesn’t know something, they aren’t afraid to ask for help. In addition to that, they are also willing to help each other out. They are looking out for the best interests of the company, as opposed to only the interests of themselves. Going back to Helane Morrison, she works at the San Fransisco branch of the company, and at the moment, they are having great success in that area and one of the highest rated. That speaks to the company and it speaks to Helane Morrison. Helane has never been one to take all of the credit, as she is humble and likes to give the credit out to others.

However, Helane wears many hats at the company such as: the managing director, chief compliance officer, and general counsel. When it comes to general counsel, few have her beat in that area. She knows to give out the best counsel because of her experience and the fact she has so many job titles. Again, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, all of this is because of her work ethic. As the old adage goes, she is one of the first ones there in the morning and the one of the last ones there to leave. Helane has never become complacent or lazy. In fact, because she has this position, it has only motivated her to work harder and keep working, as she wants to keep the job title and wants to show the company they made the right decision by having her on board. This just proves it. When you have that type of attitude towards your work, it is easy to see why Helane Morrison has had such success and it will carry over into the future.