The IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Global Powerhouse

Throughout the history of the United States, successful businesses have been built by ambitious men. John D. Rockefeller’s Stand Oil Company and Andrew Carnegie’s steel business both made billions of dollars and remain legendary to this day. These are only two examples of the long history of success that businesses and individuals have encountered in the United States. This story is about a corporation that was started in the state of South Carolina and went on to become an economic powerhouse around the globe within two decades of its founding in 1990. Ingenuity And Purpose Worldwide Services Inc. (IAP) has had an impressive record of innovation and success in its current 26 year run.

According to the official website for IAP, the corporation was founded at Irmo, South Carolina in 1990. Originally starting out as a specialized logistics and procurement company that provided generator supplies to the U.S. Army, IAP soon supplied American troops in Operation Desert Storm. By 2004, IAP held government service contracts worth 370 million dollars. The following year, IAP acquired Johnson Controls World Services, Inc. (JCWS). Along with acquiring JCWS, IAP also acquired the subsidiary Readiness Management Support from JCWS. This then led to the formation of IAP Worldwide Services Inc. in 2005. The formation of IAP, allowed the corporation to specialize in three main areas: Base Operations Support Services, Global Operations and Logistics, and Professional and Technical Services.

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A year later in 2006, IAP acquired G3 Systems Ltd. By 2014, IAP employed over 1,600 people in 20 countries around the globe. reports that last year IAP Worldwide Services acquired two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. The Aviation and Logistics (A&L) and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions businesses (TCNS) were the two acquired business units. Both of the business units will greatly benefit IAP since A&L provides aircraft repair management and other services. TCNS on the other hand, provides communications support solutions, engineering, and information technology to the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies.

IAP has shown itself as a modern example of American business success. The corporation provides numerous services and solutions to the U.S. government, other governmental agencies, and international organizations. Besides that it operates in 20 countries around the globe, IAP also maintains offices in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and in Washington, D.C. IAP is truly the Microsoft of global service providers for governments and clients.

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