Wen by Chaz: Why Wait?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wait for things. It is not that I’m impatient. It is just that when I want something and when I have my heart set on something, I want it as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. What if I told you there is a hair care product out there that only takes seven days to see extreme results? You might think I was full of baloney or making it up. I’m not, however, and it is the truth. That product is Wen hair by Chaz, an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

If you need further proof, look no further than an excellent blog by blogger Emily McClure of Bustle.com. This article can be found right here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. Throughout seven days, she takes you inside the Total Beauty product and provides photos of the results, each and every day. You also get her thoughts on the product and the changes and impact it made over those seven days. By day seven, she was shocked and amazed by the changes it made to her hair. Again, it only takes seven days to see results in your hair. She has fine hair, but the beauty of this product is that it works on any type of hair.

They have specific products available on Sephora for specific types of hair, so no matter what you are looking for or in the market for, chances are that they have it and you will walk away happy and satisfied with the product. I know Emily McClure did. Just look at her smile and read her blog and you will see one happy person. She is known as a fashion and beauty expert, so you know that when she stands behind something, it is for real and it truly means something.

Wen hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Brian Bonar, the Intellectual High Performing Professional

Brian Bonar, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, was recently named in the Cambridge, Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance award.

The award features only two female and two male honorees, and Brian Bonar managed to be one of those. This was a recognition of his contributions to the financial sector and the significant role that he played in the growth of the company he represents.

The award is based on several aspects including professional accomplishment, leadership, and academic achievement. Academically, Brian Bonar is a Ph.D. holder in the area of finance and is an active member of the American Finance Association.

He is a personality who has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, and the award did not come as a surprise to many. His contributions to the financial sector and individual companies, in general, can not be overemphasized.

Apart from working for Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has also other responsibilities working for different companies in the same area of finance.

He doubles up as the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services Incorporation and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services Incorporation.

His contribution to these companies is immense which also features assisting other companies to develop especially in the area of finance and other related areas.

At Dalrada Financial Corporation, He is involved in the areas of employer and employee benefits and the provision of aftermarket services. His performance at the helm of this company has led to a tremendous growth which was recognized by the Cambridge award. He has worked for over ten years in this company and his achievements during this duration are evident.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a financial institution that is involved in helping other companies in the management of their financial activities. It services cut across the areas of employer and employee benefits which also feature the provision and delivery of aftermarket products. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/03/brian-bonar-trains-his-employees-in-exceptional-customer-service/

This entails aspects of delivering employee programs that are useful in increasing business effectiveness and efficiency. This makes the benefiting businesses to operate under proper financial principles that are able to increase their profitability in the market.

Other areas that the company is involved in includes risk management, financial management, promotional and business management services.

WhitePages said that under the stewardship of Brian Bonar, Dalrada Financial Corporation, and the other companies that he is associated with, have been able to record tremendous success in their operation including assisting other companies to develop and manage their financial activities in a profitable manner.

As an intellectual, he can exploit his broad knowledge in the financial market and use his experience in the sector to improve how other companies are run. These are the telltale signs of a true professional especially in the field of finance and employer/employee benefits.

Ken Goodrich Positions Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen For Success

Prior to Ken Goodrich acquiring the renowned Goettl Air Conditioning in 2012, the company was stagnant. Employee morale was down, customer service suffered and they were creating angst with their competitors.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

In the year and a half since the acquisition, Ken Goodrich has righted the company and positioned it for success. Goodrich estimates Goettl Air Conditioning will report earnings topping $20 million in 2014, up $3 million from its 2012 earnings. Commenting on the startling turn around Ken Goodrich stated, “I’ve bought, sold, and fixed 20-some HVAC companies in my career, and this one was a little different, It wasn’t so much about the business fundamentals, or pricing and marketing; this one was a different animal.”

Upon arrival, Goodrich found a somewhat battered company, lacking leadership and vision. Responsibility was nowhere to be found. Questionable sales and marketing practices drew the concern of Arizona State Attorney General. Employees left the company without notice. Though nothing came out of the Arizona State Attorney General inquiry, Goettl lost consumer confidence and was without a direction.

Goodrich set out to clean house with a reorganization that would position the organization for success. Ken Goodrich dismissed all upper management and middle managers. Field fleet vehicles and assignments are assigned in an efficient operation. To stem the tide of negative consumer perception, Goettl Air Conditioning paid visits to prior maintenance and replacement calls to check on the status of the repairs and installations. Quality control checks pinpointed and resolved any remaining issues to the customer’s satisfaction.

The name is now “Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen” while keeping the good historical memories of the brand “Goettl”, but eliminating the current customer disdain. Ken Goodrich believes these wholesale changes will position the organization for success.



FreedomPop Is Free States Savings Freak

FreedomPop cellular service is now available for anyone to purchase. The cell phone and internet service start free with phone purchase. People are always looking for cheaper ways to stay connected. The internet and phone contracts can run up large bills before you know what has happened. FreedomPop gives you unlimited service with only one bill per month of $19.95. Purchase on of their phones or tablets and begin saving monthly on your internet and phone service. Their 100% free cell service uses Sprint towers so you can always count on good 4G LTE service. If you are one of the ones that want cheaper service to Freedom you can order phone and service online with free shipping. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Online you can find articles that will give you the ups and downs of services and products. Savings Freak is one of the online blogs that helps you to distinguish the plausibility of a free phone or internet service. In a recent article, on Savings Freak, you as the consumer are able to read about the phone and internet service. Savings Freak gives you the good and the bad so you are able to make an informed decision before switching service. Below is a breakdown of the information in the article.

FreedomPop has one of the cheapest wireless services available. If you purchase the phone or tablet you can get free service. The free service plan gives you 500 MB of data to use for the internet. You will also receive 500 free texts and 200 minutes voice. For five extra dollars, you can add on a connection form that gives you wifi and a hotspot. The hotspot allows you to surf the web or to connect anywhere anytime such as school, the mall, home, and on the road. Sprint towers are all over so getting service will not be too difficult.

The savings freak is a site where you can get answers about products and services. It tells the good and bad so you can make an informed decision on the right information. Ordering phones and tablets using Freedom Pop is the easiest way to make sure you keep your cost down. Phone service that is unlimited is only $19.95. The unlimited means you will have no limits on how much you can talk or text. The data plan is the only part that will set a specific amount after you use for a while. Check out the Savings Freak online for the story of free phone service.

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Keith Mann Awards Young Student Professionals With Scholarship

While Keith Mann respects students who get good grades, graduate from college with a degree, and land a high paying position, he has a special kind of respect for people who demonstrate a mind for business success. There are students who focus on starting their own business to go along with their studies. It shows that they have a passion, and a sense of responsibility about their life. It also shows that they know what they want at the time, and that they are not hesitant to go after it. Therefore, Keith Mann has put together a scholarship to award students. This scholarship is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement

The scholarship will be given out in a contest. Each student that applies for the scholarship is required to write an essay that is 1,000 words in length which talks about how a college degree is going to be helpful towards them pursuing their business goals. One student will be awarded the scholarship so that he could go to college and pursue his field of choice. This is especially helpful for low-income students who would otherwise not have a chance at attending college. Fortunately, this scholarship is one of a few other initiatives that are put in place with the intention of helping students attend and graduate college.

Keith Mann himself is not only an entrepreneur, but also a philanthropist. He understands the value of an education. He wants everyone to have a fair chance at getting the required education in order to go to college. He is also passionate about finding people with strong capabilities for leadership and connecting them to companies that are a good match for them. He is currently working with Uncommon Schools in order to help equip students of low-income circumstances to be able to go to universities.

Makari Skincare and Beauty Infused with Natural Ingredients and Caviar

Makari is a company whose goal it is to be all about the skin and beauty needs of women and men of color. Makari sells products that help to reduce skin unevenness and acne scars, which are a problem for many people of color. Makari sells natural-based skincare, hair care, fragrance and makeup beauty products. They don’t use the chemical hydroquinone in their products at all. With a mixture of plant ingredients and of caviar ingredients they create luxurious, helpful and nature-based products.

Makari is the leading company for skin whitening creams, because they take a more natural approach to their skincare ingredients. All of the skincare from Makari helps to improve skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation. However a few of their products have higher lightening abilities. The Makari natural skin lightening cream is one of the more poignant lightening products they sell. The product is mostly natural ingredients to lighten skin and it contains shea butter. The shea butter helps to moisturize the skin. The product is not immediate. It gradually lightens the skin, but the end results over time are noticeable.

The products Makari carries that has a lightening properties are not only made up of lightening creams. They also sell lightening serums, body washes, soaps and toners. Makari also sells kits of products that have lightening and discoloration properties. Clients then have a whole skin care regimen to help them get their skin even or lightened.

One of the top selling products from Makari is the Clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap. It’s used to both clean and brighten the skin. The product is also really reasonably priced at thirteen dollars and ninety-nine cents. If you are interested in trying a Makari product and want brightening improvements, this would be a perfect product to try first before exploring the many other products from Makari.

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Helane Morrison: A True Visionary

People like Helane Morrison don’t come along every day, that is for sure. She is someone that truly enjoys hard work, embraces it, and doesn’t shy away from it. She knows she wouldn’t be where she is without her hard work, dedication, and putting her nose to the grindstone. She works for Hall Capital, and what is great about them and something I truly admire is the fact they are entirely run by women. Let’s face it, as it is a harsh reality, there is not enough jobs out there for women. At Hall Capital, everyone gets their day to shine. They are a team.

They know that by working together, they can achieve anything. If someone doesn’t know something, they aren’t afraid to ask for help. In addition to that, they are also willing to help each other out. They are looking out for the best interests of the company, as opposed to only the interests of themselves. Going back to Helane Morrison, she works at the San Fransisco branch of the company, and at the moment, they are having great success in that area and one of the highest rated. That speaks to the company and it speaks to Helane Morrison. Helane has never been one to take all of the credit, as she is humble and likes to give the credit out to others.

However, Helane wears many hats at the company such as: the managing director, chief compliance officer, and general counsel. When it comes to general counsel, few have her beat in that area. She knows to give out the best counsel because of her experience and the fact she has so many job titles. Again, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, all of this is because of her work ethic. As the old adage goes, she is one of the first ones there in the morning and the one of the last ones there to leave. Helane has never become complacent or lazy. In fact, because she has this position, it has only motivated her to work harder and keep working, as she wants to keep the job title and wants to show the company they made the right decision by having her on board. This just proves it. When you have that type of attitude towards your work, it is easy to see why Helane Morrison has had such success and it will carry over into the future.

This man knows his ADC’s

Founded in 1998 by a successful gentleman who was already well established in the biotechnology ball game, Seattle Genetics has a lot to thank from Dr. Clay Siegall, PhD.

After receiving his PhD from George Washington University in Philosophy, Dr. Siegall quickly started his road to success in the search for a cure in the fight against different forms of cancer. After working with the Nation Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Dr. Siegall started Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is known for a multitude of antibody technologies, it is largely known for its antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform. This specific ADC, named ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin), was approved in August of 2011 and helps in the fight of relapse in both Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and mature T-cell lymphoma patients. But the road does not stop there. Seattle Genetics also has ADC programs for acute myeloid lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma; SGN-CD33A and SGN-CD19A respectively. Further, Seattle Genetics is reaching out to outside pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for collaborations in both proprietary and collaborative programs that involves more than 20 ADC’s in clinical development.

One must say the future looks bright.

Being the company’s (Seattle Genetics) President, Chief Executive Officer, and a Board of Directors member, Dr. Siegall has brought in a whopping $675 million through public and private financing to aide in the hopes of finding a cure for different types of cancer. Making Seattle Genetics open to the public in 2001, the stock has been on a constant rise. You may agree he knows what he is doing. After all, he also serves on the Board of Directors for Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics. With an accolade this strong, maybe there is a cure after all.




The IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Global Powerhouse

Throughout the history of the United States, successful businesses have been built by ambitious men. John D. Rockefeller’s Stand Oil Company and Andrew Carnegie’s steel business both made billions of dollars and remain legendary to this day. These are only two examples of the long history of success that businesses and individuals have encountered in the United States. This story is about a corporation that was started in the state of South Carolina and went on to become an economic powerhouse around the globe within two decades of its founding in 1990. Ingenuity And Purpose Worldwide Services Inc. (IAP) has had an impressive record of innovation and success in its current 26 year run.

According to the official website for IAP, the corporation was founded at Irmo, South Carolina in 1990. Originally starting out as a specialized logistics and procurement company that provided generator supplies to the U.S. Army, IAP soon supplied American troops in Operation Desert Storm. By 2004, IAP held government service contracts worth 370 million dollars. The following year, IAP acquired Johnson Controls World Services, Inc. (JCWS). Along with acquiring JCWS, IAP also acquired the subsidiary Readiness Management Support from JCWS. This then led to the formation of IAP Worldwide Services Inc. in 2005. The formation of IAP, allowed the corporation to specialize in three main areas: Base Operations Support Services, Global Operations and Logistics, and Professional and Technical Services.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia | Monster.com

A year later in 2006, IAP acquired G3 Systems Ltd. By 2014, IAP employed over 1,600 people in 20 countries around the globe. Prnewswire.com reports that last year IAP Worldwide Services acquired two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. The Aviation and Logistics (A&L) and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions businesses (TCNS) were the two acquired business units. Both of the business units will greatly benefit IAP since A&L provides aircraft repair management and other services. TCNS on the other hand, provides communications support solutions, engineering, and information technology to the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies.

IAP has shown itself as a modern example of American business success. The corporation provides numerous services and solutions to the U.S. government, other governmental agencies, and international organizations. Besides that it operates in 20 countries around the globe, IAP also maintains offices in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and in Washington, D.C. IAP is truly the Microsoft of global service providers for governments and clients.

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