Koch Brothers’ Role in Eliminating Social Problems is Good for the Society

Koch brothers have created a subsidiary non-profit wing aimed at addressing the deep-rooted social ills as well as revitalize the civil society. The focus of the charity organization is on poverty and educational quality. The group has been named “Stand Together” and although it is in its start-up phase, it aims to raise about $15 million this year alone according to top officials of the new organization.

The organizers are already describing the new organization as a “venture philanthropy” that only aims at strengthening the people and states of the American society. The primary goal of the organization is to engage and make a real difference in peoples’ lives through solving the most pressing issues.

The Koch family is an American family of philanthropists, industrialists, and business people who control the Koch industries and associated with political activities in the United States. Koch Industries is the undoubted second largest private owned in the United States, which recorded $115 billion in 2013. Koch brothers refer to David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch, the only two remaining Fred Koch’s sons.

According to the group’s executive director, the organizations does not intend to veer into policy rights but partner with like-minded private groups to address societal issues related to high recidivism rates and gang violence. One of the aims is to team up with Bob Woodson, who is a prominent conservative and the CEO of Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. He is prominently known for his role in the fight against poverty. This is not the only charity group the Koch brothers have been involved in. Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries,¬†is known for spending millions of dollars for charity organizations aimed at eliminating poverty in a society that is based on free-conservatives. In essence, Americans for Prosperity is a long-standing grass-roots arm. The other initiative is referred to as Libre initiative which is meant to offer free turkeys to Latinos.

It is publicly known that Koch Industries and Charles Koch made a $25 million contribution to United Negro College Fund most of it meant for scholarships. The aides of Koch brothers are now partnering with Obama administration to change the criminal justice system that excludes the poor from business and job opportunities. However, it is not only charity that has made Koch brothers become an important part of the society. Koch brothers are known for their massive spending into the American political system to boost the Republicans who share their views. They have recently announced their commitment to spend nearly $900 million over a two-year period with a third of the chunk going to the 2016 elections.

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