Highland Capital Discusses Recent Appreciation

One of the most well respected hedge funds and capital management firms in the USA is Highland Capital Management, which is based out of Dallas, TX. The company was co-founded by James Dondero over 20 years ago, and has steadily become a leader in the finance industry. The company has offered a wide range of different financial products, including CLOs, REITs, mutual funds, and other investment options, which have provided investors with the opportunity to receive a strong and diversified return on investment. Prior to starting Highland Capital, James Dondero had a lengthy work history showing an accelerating level of experience. He worked for a variety of different financial companies, including Protective Life and American Express. Dondero also has a strong educational background, which includes receiving a degree from the University of Virginia. He has also earned both his CMA and CFO designations.

Due to his company’s strong position in the global economy, employees of Highland Capital Management are frequently interviewed on national business and finance programs. Earlier this week, a trader from Highland Capital was interviewed to discuss why he believed that the global markets went up in value.

While many people across the globe believed that the value of major indexes went up because of the rise in oil prices, the Highland Capital Management employee had a different take. He believed it is more attributed to the fact that traders and investors were trying to cover their short positions. Many traders over the past month have anticipated the negative decline in stock values, which led to trillions of dollars to be wiped out across the globe.

The Highland Capital Management trader does not know what to expect in the coming weeks. Much of the future change in stock values will be derived from corporate financials. Many of the publicly traded companies will release their yearend and fourth quarter financial statements at some point in February. Based on those results, the stock markets could either appreciate or see even greater declines.