The Artistic Commitment Of Jaime Garcia Dias

No one sets out to be a writer. It’s not an ability that can come from simply reading a book or taking a course. It’s something that is ingrained in the personality of the writer, and then over time, developed as the craft is honed. It takes practice, hard work, dedication and of course inspiration, and writer Jaime Garcia Dias brings all of those qualities to his body of work. The writer, now in his 40s, has a website that shows he’s published over ten published books to his credit, and he shows no signs of ever slowing down. Yes, this man is a writer and he is very dedicated to what he does.

Jaime Garcia Dias has made a life long commitment to creating writing that matters, and helping his Facebook followers get more involved in the craft as well. He attended the Carioca Academy as a young student, and learned about literature and the creative life. He returned there as a teacher as his career was beginning, and in the early 90s he became the school’s Vice Principal. He lead the school into a greater commitment to journalistic studies, and the school is now one of the leading schools for literature and writing. All of this speaks volumes about Dias’ commitment to the art of writing. Today, his reputation as a writer adds additional luster to the school’s position as an institution of higher learning, all of which makes Dias very proud of his involvement with the school.

Another major signpost in the writer’s journey came in 2001, when he was given the White Crane Award for literature in Brazil. This award was an acknowledgement of his work and it inspired him to continue on his chosen path. Dias’s father is also a writer he’s mentioned on his blog, and the award was a proud moment for the entire family.

Today Jaime Garcia Dias is more compelled than ever to continue on his path, and he’s motivated to continue making informative YouTube videos about art. Readers will be happy to know that he sees his literary journey as just beginning, and it’s one that is sure to continue for many years to come.