OrganoGold, A Chance To Change Your Life

Everyone wants to improve their lives whether it is having more money, better health, less stress, a chance to get a higher education, or actually working for yourself instead of “Big Brother.” One of the most successful network companies out there that can offer you all of the above is OrganoGold.

Starting off with only three employees, OrganoGold was established in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. OrganoGold grew so rapidly in two years time that it is considered one of the fastest growing networking companies throughout the world.

Chua, originally from the Philippines as he states on Twitter, has worked hard to have himself established as one of the leading names in the direct marketing business. His main focus has been sharing the many aspects of ganoderma, an herb, within the Asian market as a therapeutic benefit in the wellness industry. His success in Asia brought forth his desire to share, through his successful marketing program, the many benefits of ganoderma to the Western hemisphere.

Bernardo Chua has said in many speeches that he believes education is the key and feels that the more people that know about the wonderful benefits of ganoderma, the more success OrganoGold can provide to its members. On Facebook Chua considers his focus on finding the most productive organic producers of ganoderma a top priority so that the organization can keep cost down and keep the quality of the herb at its highest level.

People have taken notice and throughout the world, OrganoGold’s now operating in 35 different countries. The opportunity of becoming part of their Independent Distributor team will give many the chance to improve their lives by making more money, staying healthy, and helping others achieve the same.

OrganoGold has its main base in Canada and the company is on a mission to bring their knowledge and marketing program to every household. The foundation feels that being located in Canada has helped them establish themselves even more as a global leader in wellness because of Canada’s strict guidelines for operating a business and testing any products before allowing distribution.

With products available in great tasting gourmet beverages, personal care, and wellness products, OrganoGold continues to focus its attention on staying ahead of its competition. The foundation continues to push research and development on their products. They are constantly having breakthroughs on the many uses of the herb, ganoderma, and will continue to investigate the many wonderful qualities of this herb and what it can offer to the world.