Highland Capital Discusses Recent Appreciation

One of the most well respected hedge funds and capital management firms in the USA is Highland Capital Management, which is based out of Dallas, TX. The company was co-founded by James Dondero over 20 years ago, and has steadily become a leader in the finance industry. The company has offered a wide range of different financial products, including CLOs, REITs, mutual funds, and other investment options, which have provided investors with the opportunity to receive a strong and diversified return on investment. Prior to starting Highland Capital, James Dondero had a lengthy work history showing an accelerating level of experience. He worked for a variety of different financial companies, including Protective Life and American Express. Dondero also has a strong educational background, which includes receiving a degree from the University of Virginia. He has also earned both his CMA and CFO designations.

Due to his company’s strong position in the global economy, employees of Highland Capital Management are frequently interviewed on national business and finance programs. Earlier this week, a trader from Highland Capital was interviewed to discuss why he believed that the global markets went up in value.

While many people across the globe believed that the value of major indexes went up because of the rise in oil prices, the Highland Capital Management employee had a different take. He believed it is more attributed to the fact that traders and investors were trying to cover their short positions. Many traders over the past month have anticipated the negative decline in stock values, which led to trillions of dollars to be wiped out across the globe.

The Highland Capital Management trader does not know what to expect in the coming weeks. Much of the future change in stock values will be derived from corporate financials. Many of the publicly traded companies will release their yearend and fourth quarter financial statements at some point in February. Based on those results, the stock markets could either appreciate or see even greater declines.


The Artistic Commitment Of Jaime Garcia Dias

No one sets out to be a writer. It’s not an ability that can come from simply reading a book or taking a course. It’s something that is ingrained in the personality of the writer, and then over time, developed as the craft is honed. It takes practice, hard work, dedication and of course inspiration, and writer Jaime Garcia Dias brings all of those qualities to his body of work. The writer, now in his 40s, has a website that shows he’s published over ten published books to his credit, and he shows no signs of ever slowing down. Yes, this man is a writer and he is very dedicated to what he does.

Jaime Garcia Dias has made a life long commitment to creating writing that matters, and helping his Facebook followers get more involved in the craft as well. He attended the Carioca Academy as a young student, and learned about literature and the creative life. He returned there as a teacher as his career was beginning, and in the early 90s he became the school’s Vice Principal. He lead the school into a greater commitment to journalistic studies, and the school is now one of the leading schools for literature and writing. All of this speaks volumes about Dias’ commitment to the art of writing. Today, his reputation as a writer adds additional luster to the school’s position as an institution of higher learning, all of which makes Dias very proud of his involvement with the school.

Another major signpost in the writer’s journey came in 2001, when he was given the White Crane Award for literature in Brazil. This award was an acknowledgement of his work and it inspired him to continue on his chosen path. Dias’s father is also a writer he’s mentioned on his blog, and the award was a proud moment for the entire family.

Today Jaime Garcia Dias is more compelled than ever to continue on his path, and he’s motivated to continue making informative YouTube videos about art. Readers will be happy to know that he sees his literary journey as just beginning, and it’s one that is sure to continue for many years to come.

OrganoGold, A Chance To Change Your Life

Everyone wants to improve their lives whether it is having more money, better health, less stress, a chance to get a higher education, or actually working for yourself instead of “Big Brother.” One of the most successful network companies out there that can offer you all of the above is OrganoGold.

Starting off with only three employees, OrganoGold was established in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. OrganoGold grew so rapidly in two years time that it is considered one of the fastest growing networking companies throughout the world.

Chua, originally from the Philippines as he states on Twitter, has worked hard to have himself established as one of the leading names in the direct marketing business. His main focus has been sharing the many aspects of ganoderma, an herb, within the Asian market as a therapeutic benefit in the wellness industry. His success in Asia brought forth his desire to share, through his successful marketing program, the many benefits of ganoderma to the Western hemisphere.

Bernardo Chua has said in many speeches that he believes education is the key and feels that the more people that know about the wonderful benefits of ganoderma, the more success OrganoGold can provide to its members. On Facebook Chua considers his focus on finding the most productive organic producers of ganoderma a top priority so that the organization can keep cost down and keep the quality of the herb at its highest level.

People have taken notice and throughout the world, OrganoGold’s now operating in 35 different countries. The opportunity of becoming part of their Independent Distributor team will give many the chance to improve their lives by making more money, staying healthy, and helping others achieve the same.

OrganoGold has its main base in Canada and the company is on a mission to bring their knowledge and marketing program to every household. The foundation feels that being located in Canada has helped them establish themselves even more as a global leader in wellness because of Canada’s strict guidelines for operating a business and testing any products before allowing distribution.

With products available in great tasting gourmet beverages, personal care, and wellness products, OrganoGold continues to focus its attention on staying ahead of its competition. The foundation continues to push research and development on their products. They are constantly having breakthroughs on the many uses of the herb, ganoderma, and will continue to investigate the many wonderful qualities of this herb and what it can offer to the world.

A Family Lawyer Can Help With Child Custody and the Division of Assets

When a couple is facing a difficult time in their marriage, they may be quick to decide that a divorce is their best option. It would be wise for both parties to seriously consider the long and short term effects a divorce would have not only on both of them, but also on their children. Despite the fact that it is not uncommon to see advertisements for inexpensive, quick divorces, most people who have ever gone through a divorce can attest to the fact that most divorces are usually lengthy, complicated, and expensive. It would be wise for a person to consult with a lawyer like Ross Abelow. He is well known in the New York City area as an expert in family and marital law. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law school and has been helping individuals with a variety of family law cases, including legal separation and divorce.

When children are involved, steps need to be taken to protect them not only during the time of the divorce, but throughout their life. At times, couples can easily agree on who will have custody of the children and who will make important decisions in their lives. When a couple is not able to agree on something they are both happy with, the decision will be made by the court. The decision will have two facets. First, the court will decide on joint legal custody. This refers to each party being involved in major decisions that affect the children. This will likely include where they go to school, the type of religious training they receive, and healthcare decisions. It may also involve extracurricular activities and the rules children have to abide by as they grow up. The court will also decide on joint physical custody. This refers to how much time each parent will spend with their children. Some parents will have the time divided equally, while other arrangements may be made based on where each parent lives and other factors.

Besides helping his clients look at child custody factors, Ross Abelow will also help clients divide assets and debt. This is usually a large part of divorce, and it can easily become a huge source of contention. Ross Abelow has years of experience helping individuals who have faced a wide variety of family law situations. He is ready to use that experience as well as his knowledge of state laws to help his clients. He graduated from the University of New York at Albany.

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