Kevin Seawright Makes a Difference

Among “billionaires, moguls, and notorious entrepreneurs,” Kevin Seawright is a down-to-earth economic development director for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC). Seawright served the City of Baltimore as the Managing Fiscal Officer of the Commission on Aging and Retirement, as Payroll Director for its Housing Authority, as Finance Director of the Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development Homeless Services Division according to LinkedIn, and as Chief Financial and Facilities Officer of the Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks. He learned private sector small business and real estate development in Washington, D. C.

Kevin Seawright managed city, state, federal, capital, private, and bond funds in excess of $400 million and construction capital in excess of $600 million during his career as a finance officer. He uses his knowledge of local, state, and federal funding to benefit the City of Newark by developing small minority-owned businesses, which create jobs and improve the quality of life for Newark residents. CrunchBase does a good job of showing how Seawright funds real estate development and improvement projects and large and small business projects. He offers business counseling, discount advertising, state tax credits, and tax exemptions. His strengths lie in his ability to lead aggressive productive alliances within state, city, and neighborhood associations.

He received the Met Life Bridges to the Future award in 2010 for his outstanding innovative professional contribution to the urban economy during depressed economic conditions. A member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the National Association of Black Accountants, Seawright diligently serves the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to ensure the sustained business growth and prosperity of Newark entrepreneurs.

In WorldClass Magazines he’s said that perhaps his greatest accomplishment is the use of CitiStat Software, which increases government proficiency through a system of goals, statistics, and financial data. CitisStat software yields significant savings and increased accountability by focusing on strategies and techniques to help agencies meet or exceed their performance goals. Seawright developed a subsystem to help the Baltimore government respond rapidly to citizens’ complaints, concerns, and requests for information.  Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his career.